Our Rosacea trigger factors list, we hope it helps you.


We always recommend consulting your doctor before making changes such as dietary omissions.
The following are only personal recommendations which have have helped me. They have been
concluded from personal experience and through the advice of other sufferers and are not intended
to be portrayed as medical advice.

Dietary factors

In my experience diet can play an important part in the development of rosacea. Below are some
of my personal findings that have helped improve the condition of my skin.

  • I avoid multi vitamins with the B3 vitamin, niacin. However, B3 in the form of Niacinamide
    or Nicotinamide in a normal dose should not cause flushing.
  • I take additional care to check the majority of packaged foods for excessive amounts of
    niacin. I avoid foods such as packaged breakfast cereals and strong brown breads which
    typically contain added niacin. I also find bran, porridge oats and peanuts to be triggers.
  • I typically avoid excessive amounts of caffeine as I have found it to trigger. Personally, this
    comes in the form of coffee and soft drinks which i now avoid.
  • I do not smoke cigarettes.
  • I avoid excessive amounts of chilli and very hot curries. Other spices such as paprika are best
    avoided. I currently avoid the majority of strong spices and pickled foods. However, I do
    find the softer herbs such as basil, thyme, oregano and sage to be tolerable. I’ve also found
    that some people find tomatoes to be a trigger.
    A good strategy I have found useful is to follow a normal balanced diet with whilst keeping a food
    diary. Re-introduce or omit foods in line with your current skin condition.
  • Remember to wash your hands thoroughly following food preparation of foods like garlic &
  • I drink plenty of water, typically around 3 litres per day.
  • I avoid alcohol – however, now that my skin condition has improved I find that provided it’s
    introduced slowly, even red wine does not affect flushing.

Lifestyle factors

  • Some of the lifestyle factors that I’ve benefited from are listed below. Some may sound abstract
    but have helped tremendously. Similar to dietary considerations; I’ve found keeping a diary useful
    to help identify when your flareups happen, and what exactly might have triggered it.
  • I avoid very hot baths and typically bathe in lukewarm water. I also avoid saunas, steam
    rooms and generally avoid steam in all its originating forms! I also find prolonged exposure
    to high central heating or air conditioning can affect my skin.
  • I find the chemicals in public swimming pools to be aggravating.
  • I sometimes find excessive exercise which induces sweat and heat to be a trigger. This has
    improved over the years and I can perform moderate exercise provided I promptly cleanse
    my face with our Calmin cleanser.
  • I try my best to manage the stress in my life and resolve issues where I can. I’ve tried
    meditation, counselling and hypnotherapy for this. I now perform yoga and other relaxation
    techniques. You may find this to help more than it is initially obvious, a great book to start
    is Happiness by Matthieu Riccard.
  • Another great book is  The Courage To Be Disliked by Ichiro Kishimi (Author), Fumitake Koga (Author) 
  • I avoid excessive prolonged sunshine and always wear a suitable sunscreen. Warm humid
    days used to bring me out in red wheals which i could feel growing under my skin, it was
  • I ensure my clothes and pillowcases are thoroughly rinses after washing as I find detergent
    to aggravate.
  • I avoid contact with fumes from irritants such as nail polish remover, bleach and solvent based
    paints. When I fill the car I also make sure to not touch my face until I have thoroughly
    washed my hands.
  • Following that, paint fumes are a potent trigger. Try to use a water based, solvent free low
    odour paint.
  • I use an electric shaver and find regular shaving to be very beneficial.
    Our Calmin Skincare Products
  • Our products have been developed by someone who finds even tap water irritating; they are now
    the only products which I can use on my skin without irritation.
  • I only used Calmin Ultra Mild Cleanser for removing dirt and impurities. I apply with our
    specially selected wool pads as I find many other types irritating.
  • I use Calmin Skin Normalising Serum for blemishes, spots and lumps which I find to be a
    prevalent consequence of hot showers.
  • I apply Calmin Overnight Redness Repair Cream to help with overall redness and blushing
    following flushes.
  • I apply Calmin Redness Reducing Day Cream in the morning.

    Further Comments

    We hope this trigger list has been useful to you. Finding information about possible rosacea triggers
    can be very difficult and it is often a daunting experience finding you have this skin condition. I
    wish I had access to this information when I was researching the condition many years ago. Our
    products are not treatments for any medical condition but skin care products designed to protect,
    soothe, reduce visible redness and cleanse without further irritation. We are all different and results
    will vary from person to person.

    Disclaimer: We are not qualified in medicine in anyway, only your doctor can advise on medical
    matters. Please remember we are just fellow rosacea sufferers who produce cosmetic skin care
    products that we find none irritating and our regular customers find helpful.