About us

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“Our natural Rosacea skin care range is packed with the best ingredients and nutrients available”

Our story

KCN skincare was founded in 2000 by Cecilia and Kevin Nicholson who started a self help site to support other rosacea sufferers.

As sufferers ourselves, we found many of the rosacea products on the market too harsh for sensitive skin. We set about creating our Calmin brand of rosacea products, with the aim of delivering a natural skincare range free from parabens, colours, fragrances, alcohol and steroids, hypo-allergenic and non comedogenic, so your skin is cared for in the best way possible.

Our products have been meticulously synergised using the best natural ingredients and plant extracts available to science. Our natural skin care range is packed with the best ingredients and nutrients available.

Our products are made in England, we source the ingredients from the worlds most reputable suppliers and can trace every ingredient and nutrient back to their origins. This helps us ensure our products are as effective and calming as possible. We are proud of every element that is placed into our products and take great care to maintain a natural and soothing range of products.

Now over 85% of our sales are returning Calmin Rosacea customers.**

* Disclaimer: Our Calmin products are “NOT MIRACLE CREAMS” or treatments for any medical condition but skin care products designed to protect, soothe, reduce the appearance of redness and cleanse without FURTHER irritation.  In our experience results vary depending on severity, exposure to other triggers (environmental and dietary) and other concurrent skin problems.  We are not medical professionals but simply fellow Rosacea sufferers.  We always advise seeking your Doctors advice for proper diagnosis and prescribed medication if applicable. All Calmin products are sold to those with either Rosacea or hypersensitive skin with a 30 day refund (excluding postage) and since the year 2000 we have received less than 2% back.
**by monetary value at the time of writing.