We use effective natural formulations to provide soothing, non-comedogenic Rosacea hypersensitive, skincare that actually works.

Fragrance free, Colour free, Vegan friendly, Water based, Paraben, colour & fragrance free, Free of irritating alcohol

“The gentlest skincare products I have recently discovered are the Calmin™ skin care range”

— Woman Magazine beauty editor, Caroline Hogg

What Our Customers Say:

” it is no overstatement to say that between them the Calmin™ products have completely given me back my ‘old’ skin for which I am very grateful indeed. No dryness, no spots, no redness and no outbreaks – quite amazing!
Ian “. Results may vary*

Since I have been using your products there has been a marked improvement which both my family and friends have noticed and commented upon.  … I am absolutely delighted with the improvement of my acne rosacea”
D. Results may vary*

” I now understand why the products are called Calmin™ because that is exactly what they did as soon as I applied the products. Immediately they took the ‘anger’ out of my [acne rosacea prone] skin
Mary.”   Results may vary*


We understand that it’s important you find the right skincare for you.

That’s why we UNIQUELY offer a 30 day refund on all purchases.

Contact Kevin with any queries at kcnskincareltd@gmail.com
We will reply within 24 hours.

* Disclaimer: Our Calmin™ products are “NOT MIRACLE CREAMS” or treatments for any medical condition but skin care products designed to protect, soothe, reduce the appearance of redness and cleanse without FURTHER irritation.  In our experience results vary depending on severity, exposure to other triggers (environmental and dietary) and other concurrent skin problems.  We are not medical professionals but simply fellow Rosacea sufferers.  We always advise seeking your Doctors advice for proper diagnosis and prescribed medication if applicable. All Calmin products are sold to those with either Rosacea or hypersensitive skin with a 30 day refund (excluding £3.95 postage) and since the year 2000 we have received less than 2% back.  NOTE: One refund per product per customer.